Agora Evenements

Created in March 2002 in Anglet, Agora Events is specialized in setting up and running events in public spaces
Speciality: antique and second-hand goods
Events: second-hand goods markets, antique fairs and car-boot sales.

Reliability and quality of the organisation

Agora Events is successful because of its reliability and its professionalism . The exhibitors are required to respect strict rules concerning the sale of second-hand and antique goods. A targeted communication plan accompanies every operation.

Friendliness and professionalism

Valérie Diribarne has been leading this enterprise since its origins in 2001 with the Quintaou Flea market before creating the company Agora Events to continue this project. She has a Masters in Regional Development and she combines local development and creates new events each year. Her competences and her contacts are the keys to the success of these events.